Holistic Herbalism

What does that even mean?

I offer client-specific health consultations for a sliding-scale fee. As a team, we work to identify the root causes of imbalance and move you toward your health goals. We will create a personalized plan appropriate for your level of capability at the time. This may include herbal medicine, lifestyle adjustments, movement and exercise, food, nutrition, stress reduction, supplementation as well as individual work such as self-reflection and journaling and habit-tracking.

Herbalism is much more complex and nuanced than just matching a specific plant to a specific symptom. Every person is different in mind, body, environment, lifestyle and so forth, and wellness and dis-ease arise and manifest out of that particular confluence. A holistic health consultation is a unique environment where appropriate time can be spent mapping out one’s health and personal history, lifestyle and symptoms in search of the underlying patterns and causes of illness.