Hi, I’m Kenton (they/them). I’m a Clinical Herbalist, Educator and Street Medic who partners with plants and herbal medicine as allies in individual and collective health and caretaking.

I offer herbal, food and lifestyle-focused personal consultations, simple and custom-formulated herbal medicine through my apothecary, and teach workshops and longer classes about many aspects of plants and bodies. Everything is always sliding scale and made to be as accessible as possible.

More about Kenton

What’s that “phytoamorous” name about by the way? Ooo, thank you for asking! 😉

Crudely, it means Plant (phyto-) Love (-amorous).

Food, medicine, tools, homes and habitat, oxygen, inspiration, guidance, teachers…life itself.  There’s so much to appreciate about the plant world and yet, in this toxic automated consumer society and in our bustling lives its pretty easy to forget that we’ve co-evolved with plants, that our very existence is dependent on them, and that they’ve been here for us all along.

We’re inextricably woven together. Plant-love is self-love and vice versa.

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