What is Sliding Scale?

I have a commitment to making this information and medicine available and accessible as best I can. Toward this end, consultations, medicine and classes are priced on a sliding scale, allowing the client to choose the amount they pay in relation to the financial situation and resources they have. Additionally, to the extent that I can, no one will be turned away because they cannot pay.

To sustain this model, I ask that you pay as much as you can afford, recognizing that this directly benefits others who lack the same means. In this way we move toward opening up these services and beneficial herbs to people who are often locked out of all but the most basic healthcare, and often not even that.

The low end of the sliding-scale is set at amounts make this work viable for me, even if no one paid any higher. Those amounts do not necessarily represent a value, but do reflect the time, effort, and money involved in this work.