Student Testimonials

The Grassroots Herbal Intensive is a significant commitment. Investing the time, money and energy is a big decision. Will it be worth it? I ask for a lot of feedback from students and integrate that into the reworking of class materials and dynamics as much as I can.  Here’s what some former students have to say:

The GHI was an amazing experience! Kenton is a great instructor who not only shared their extensive wisdom and expertise with being a clinical herbalist but always makes sure to accurately paint a picture of the larger context this works falls into. They’re invested in training up healers in a liberatory practice that’s founded on an anti-racist, anti-colonial, anti-capitalist analysis.” – T.S.
Kenton’s Grassroots Herbalism Intensive is a deep dive into foundational herb studies. They blew me away with their in depth analysis of plants, plant actions and bodily functions in conjunction with a radically inclusive teaching style. Kenton’s teaching style makes the information they are presenting accessible and digestible to the beginner. I imagine an experienced person would also benefit greatly from their course because the curriculum is so thoughtfully presented and well studied and supported. If you have been wanting to take your herbal knowledge a little further this course will exceed your expectations. I highly recommend it, Enjoy! – S.S.
Kenton Cobb is an incredibly intentional, considerate, and knowledgeable teacher to learn from. Their skill set and knowledge around the herb, plant, and holistic health world is deep and applicable. My presence as a queer black identified person was valued and appreciated and the class was made accessible to me through a sliding scale and payment plan model. On top of Kenton’s knowledge and ability to explore an array of topics with us, they curated a learning environment based on respect and communication. I truly enjoyed this class and learning from such a wonderful and passionate human. – J.H.
Kenton is such a fantastic teacher and this class was so well rounded. Herbalism is more than just the woo and more than just the science, and Kenton created an environment in which I could be present as all my selves, a woman, a child of immigrants, a critical race scholar, a burned out activist, a budding astrology enthusiast, a baby kitchen witch. Doing this course has laid a foundation for me to continue healing and partnering with plants for many years to come. – R.G.
Kenton and the GHI course helped me deepen the respect I have for the plant world. Learning about the diverse ways that humans have interacted with plants for mental, emotional, physical and spiritual well-being has broadened my perception of what plant medicine can be. Kenton’s thoughtful approach to herbalism endeavors to have students appreciate the complex relationships humans and plants share. The foundation of knowledge that I have gained from this course has given me confidence to continue my personal journey of herbal exploration. – R.L.
Kenton’s herbal class is refreshingly intentional from the students they choose to be in their class to how they teach about wellness and how they approach herbalism itself. They teach from a place of genuine responsibility of the information they have and in how they give it to others, which is something I truly respect and appreciate. This class further broadened and enlightened my perspective of wellness and holistic care. As someone coming from a place of conventional medical education, I came out of this class with a challenged and changed perspective in overall wellness, diagnostics and healing practices. -A.S.
I’m so honored to have been a part of this group. The knowledge I gained here has changed my mental and physical health in priceless ways. I can now confidently understand and advocate for my health and the health of my community. -A