I offer consultations in the greater Philadelphia area. Consultations can be held at my home, as house calls, and at mutually convenient locations such as cafes, libraries, or even outdoors (in the warmer months). I am available for online video consults via Skype or Google Hangouts as well. Without the overhead of rent for an office, this allows for lower costs and more flexibility with location.


Initial consultations are sliding scale $15 – $60 per hour, and usually last around two hours.

In assessing your payment, please consider that the ‘per-hour’ cost for appointments includes work outside of our face-to-face meetings, including your personalized plan  development, additional relevant research to your case, and general support, clarifications and questions via email and/or phone.

Follow-up appointments are also $15 – $60 per hour and usually last ½ to 1½ hours.

Read more about why I use sliding scale

Payment is expected at the end of the consultation unless otherwise discussed.

In considering how you value this work, keep in mind that while costs apply to consultation length, much additional work is spent in research, case-review, medicine formulation and sharing client-specific educational resources.

To the extent that I am able to provide free services, no one will be turned away for an inability to pay. If you feel that these services would help you but cannot afford to pay, please contact me so we can discuss!


I may make recommendations for lifestyle, diet, supplementation and herbal medicines. I keep an apothecary of herbal tinctures and teas, which are available if you decide to purchase directly from me. However, you are under no obligation to do so and are free to obtain any suggested products from anywhere you like! Regardless, I will work with you to figure out ways to get quality herbal medicines, healthy foods or supplements in the most affordable ways possible.

Tinctures are sliding-scale $5-$15 per ounce
Teas are sliding-scale $3-$5 per ounce (= $24-$40 per 1/2 pound)

For more about purchasing tinctures, teas and other personalized herbal preparations, see Other Offerings