Other Offerings

In addition to personal health consultations, I am happy to provide the following on sliding scale.


I maintain an extensive apothecary of bulk herbs and tinctures. Many of these I have personally grown or wild-gathered and processed, extracted and pressed. Others I have procured from reputable distributors who source clean, positively-identified herbs.

Extracts are made with a typical ratio of fresh plant 1:2, 75-95% or dry plant 1:4 or 1:5, 40-60% in alcohol.

I can fill requests for single herb or compound tinctures, as well as custom tea blends.

Tinctures are sliding-scale $5-$15 per ounce
Teas are sliding-scale $3-$7 per ounce (= $24-$56 per 1/2 pound)

Perhaps you already take herbs regularly and it makes little sense to buy them a couple ounces at a time – very expensive!  I can produce larger quantities of tincture by percolation with quick turnaround (3-10 days), or can teach you how to make your own tinctures at home.


In addition to my current Grassroots Herbalism Intensive and one-off classes in Philadelphia, I have taught a variety of holistic health, plant and botany classes in at Apothekara Herb Shop (NY), the Ithaca Free School and Ithaca Free Clinic (NY), Just Roots Farm in Greenfield, MA, and as parts of broader trainings in Boston, Providence, Lancaster PA, as well as at group camps and retreats in Vermont and North Carolina.

Class formats are quite flexible and usually last between 1.5 to 2.5 hours. They can be a great way to provide a group with a common experience or common reference point, as a fun activity or a way to bring people into a space or business. If you are interested in classes on a specific topic you don’t see or looking to cultivate a certain experience or atmosphere, or if you are an individual looking for 1 on 1 or small group education, please feel free to contact me and we can discuss various possibilities.

Examples of classes I have developed or taught in the past:

Herbs and Skills for First Aid at Home
Herbal Actions and Effects
Supporting Yourself through Stress
Plant Profiles and Materia Medica
Kitchen Herbalism
Improving Health through Better Digestion
Herbal Allies for Stress and the Nervous System
The Foundation: Sleep and Restoration
Herbal Tea Tastings

Medicinal and Edible Plant Walks
Reading the Colonized Landscape: Colonization and its Effect on Ecology and People
Basics of Plant Identification (usually a series)
Identifying Trees and Shrubs by Bark and Bud

Medicine Making 101: Teas, Infused Oils and Tinctures
Medicine Making 102: Ethical and Safe Harvesting, Preparations
Medicine Making 201: Percolations, Double Extractions, Reductions

$10-50/hr for individuals and small groups
$15/hr and up for large groups, businesses and organizations (flat-rate or by attendance)
Free for Indigenous peoples/groups, formerly incarcerated people, and folks doing unpaid or volunteer community work (donations accepted).

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