202X Grassroots Herbalism Intensive

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Postponed in 2021 and probably 2022 due to COVID-19 and personal capacity. If you are interested in helping to see the Grassroots Herbal Intensive return, please email me!

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Lenni Lenape Territories, “Philadelphia, PA”

The Grassroots Herbalism Intensive is intended to give a foundation in the basics of western herbal medicine and holistic health, informed by an intersectional, anti-oppressive perspective. Over 9 months, students will develop their experience and relationship to plants, herbal medicine and personal health in a small-group format that emphasizes practicality, applicability and self-inquiry. Students will learn to apply frameworks for understanding illness and creating appropriate and responsible holistic recommendations for themselves, friends and communities, with consideration of the implicit political nature of healing work.

Class meets one weekday and one weekend a month (Saturday/Sunday), and is mix of experiential learning, outdoor time, lecture and discussion and will include self-study, homework and projects.

Specific Topics covered include:

Vitalist Theory and Practice / Plant Identification / Materia Medica / Medicine Making / Formulation / Basic Anatomy and Physiology / Energetics and Actions / The 6 Tissue States / First Aid and Palliative Care / Food as Medicine / Research and Information Sourcing / Accessibility and low-income strategies / Wildcrafting / Colonization and Herbalism, / Harm Reduction Approaches / Field Trips.

191 hours / Sliding Scale, $1400 – $2200

Space is Limited / POC Slots Reserved / Flexible Payment Arrangements

Tuition goes to paying teachers, space rental, class supplies, and supporting my sliding-scale and free herbalism work.

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