About Kenton


You can read about what ideas shape my practice of herbalism here.

My herbal practice has been influenced by many people, plants and experiences.

The foundation is still my former (and current) life as an activist (though I don’t really like that term). I became so curious about people, social relationships, power and social movements some years ago, and it lead me to getting a degree in Sociology in 2006.

Since the early 00’s I’ve felt moved to put my energy into projects and efforts that forward collective liberation and fight against the hell-world so many of people experience daily; Infoshop and community space-building, hosting reading groups, organizing against imperialist wars and pipelines and coal plants, giving medical support to protests and getting supplies to resistance movements, showing up against the growing fascist tide, serving free food, setting up wellness clinics, training street medics.

That’s where my heart is and where I feel a strength in offering care.

Some of my formal herbal study has been at The Northeast School of Botanical Medicine (2011-12) in Ithaca, NY, Clearpath School of Herbal Medicine (2014)in Montague, MA, and the Commonwealth School of Holistic Herbalism (2016-present) in Boston, MA.

Informal study happens every day. Gardening, making medicine, living in urban and rural environments and observing the plants and how they act and what they tell, always nibbling and touching and smelling and watching.

I’ve practiced in a range of settings with people I feel honored to support, from private sessions to backwoods protest encampments, free clinics like the Ithaca Free Clinic and the People’s Medicine Clinic, festivals, pop-up clinics in Dinetah (Navajo Reservation) and Appalachia, and Indigenous-led mobilizations. I apprenticed at United Plant Savers in Rutland, OH, the foremost medicinal plant conservation organization in the US.

Additionally, I stay engaged with areas of study relevant to herbal practice, like taking college-level courses in human anatomy and physiology, emergency medicine (EMT) and nutrition, continuing education classes in somatics, and geeking out on my own with science and magic, as well as attending conferences and workshops when I can.