What to Expect

What to Expect
Consultations are a mash-up of an in-depth interview and a personal teaching lesson. It is the foundation of our work, the time and place where I get to know you beyond what you share in your health history form. It is full of questions and mutual inquiry into your present state of being and current health goals. Together we explore the things that come up, drawing and discussing the different possibilities for change-making to find what suits you.

  • Initial consultations are usually 1.5-2 hours and cost $15-$60/hour.
  • You will leave with an initial set of information and lifestyle/nutritional considerations that you can begin to work with immediately.
  • Within a few days I’ll follow with personalized resources and recommendations, and have your herbal tinctures and/or teas formulated and ready for pickup.
  • The cost of herbs is not included in the initial consultation and can vary anywhere from $40-$100 a month. I’m happy to work with everyone to find something that is financially accessible Please see my information about sliding-scale for more.

Follow-Up Appointments
I typically suggest that you have at least two follow-up appointments in the months after your initial consultation. This is to assure that the herbs and lifestyle changes feel good, that questions are getting addressed, and we’re making adjustments to anything that might be difficult for you during this period. Additionally, as things begin to change in the body, different herbs and protocols will be more useful or relevant than prior ones.
Follow-ups usually last 60-90 minutes and cost $15-60/hour
2-4 weeks after the initial consultation and can be in person (preferred) or over the phone or Skype.
If needed or desired, clients are encouraged to be in touch between sessions via email to share progress or challenges

Our Dynamics
I strive to create a comfortable and compassionate relationship where all of you and your experience is welcome to be present, considered and appreciated. I work from a trauma-aware harm-reduction perspective. .I understand that everyone has different energy levels, personal and societal barriers, hang-ups, traumas and situations which inform and effect the course of working on personal health. I invite you to let me know what dynamics and syle of working together will be best for you. You decide what changes you want to make and the speed and amount you want to take on.

All consultations are absolutely confidential.

How Long Will it Take?
There is no standard answer because everyone’s picture of health and personal journey is different. Changes can be fast and they can be slow. It depends on your goals, how long you’ve been dealing with or experiencing something, and the energy and efforts you’re able to commit at the moment and many other factors. Often as original goals are achieved, you may choose to continue to work together on new aspects of health that were not priorities at the start.

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